Apple’s crappy iCloud storage limits

When it comes to the storage space Apple allocates to iCloud users, the amount is tiny: a mere 5GB. All users get this for free, and for those who need more space there are options to buy more (it’s not cheap though).

Just the other day I saw someone on Twitter complaining that because their backup had increased in size and pushed them over their 5GB limit, their emails were no longer coming through. This is crazy. You can’t have an email service so easily unavailable.

And then I came across this today:

This situation is ludicrous and Apple really needs to address it. First, they should stop being so stingy with free storage space. But second, they have to change how email works so that people don’t suddenly find themselves without email just because their backup got too big.

And, speaking of free storage space, isn’t it time for Apple to step up from the mere most recent 1,000 photos backup limit? Couldn’t they offer unlimited storage of any photos taken with you iOS device, with the most recent 1,000 stored locally on your phone?

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