…Revolutionaries are always untimely-for the simple reason that they can never be deemed reasonable or right by the present system because it is the present system that they critique.

Peter Rollins, Insurrection

Thanks to Joseph Thompson for reminding me of this great—and very true—quote. It poses a question we could all do to ask ourselves: what change am I currently resisting that may, just may, leave me on the wrong side of history?

Humility is not a character trait in the traditional sense. No one decides to “be humble.” Humility cannot be possessed or gradually developed. It appears and disappears instantly as a consequence of our state of mind. Humility is nothing more or less than the direct and immediate result of properly locating your place in the big scheme of things.

To us, love is dating and romance — a candle-lit restaurant and a sunset walk along the beach. We focus on love in the short term. Our movies tell us that a housewife who dumps her balding, boring husband for a shadowy stranger with a passionate kiss has discovered true love. Is this because lifelong loyalty is becoming so rare? As more and more of us grow up in broken families, are we losing our ability to imagine love that never ends?

Lois Tverberg