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Sam Radford

Husband, father, lover of books, writer, tech geek, and pragmatic idealist exploring what it means to be human.

Who am I?

Getting to know me

I live in Sheffield with my wife, Rachel, and two daughters, Eloise and Imogen.I work as the digital and technology manager for a government-funded educational programme that runs across England.When I’m not at work or enjoying time with my family, I’ve usually got my head in a book or am writing for my blog. Well, that or watching Leicester Tigers or Arsenal on TV.I also help oversee Mosaic, a small collection of people in Sheffield endeavouring to live lives inspired by the teaching of Jesus Christ.


Living an extraordinary ‘ordinary’ life

I’ve been writing a blog for what now seems like forever! It’s been hosted on various platforms over the years and now lives at HEY World.My intent is to share words and ideas in a warm, grounded manner that help cultivate a rich, present, and extraordinary ‘ordinary’ life.I am lucky to have lots of incredible, loyal readers who also regularly get in touch to add their own thoughts, ideas, and perspectives.

In addition to my personal blog, I also write at Tigers 1880, a fan blog dedicated to Leicester Tigers.

Contact details

Stay connected?

I may be old school, but I still love email. Don’t hesitate to drop me a note if you have anything you want to speak to me about. You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram if you want to connect that way.