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26 April 2019

The adventure within

As well as the usual insightful articles from around the web, this week includes my book notes on Abby Wambach’s new book ‘Wolfpack’. There’s also another fab new mini-interview. And I share some thoughts on embracing the adventure within.

19 April 2019

What’s so good about today anyway?

This week I start with a reflection of what, for me, makes ‘Good Friday’ good. There’s the usual selection of articles I’ve enjoyed from around the web. I share a wonderfully insightful mini-interview with Lisa Maltby, a designer and illustrator. And I include a few notes on Karamo Brown’s new audiobook.

29 March 2019

We see who we are

Today we look at how what we see in others is mostly self-revelation. I also share four articles I’ve enjoyed from around the web, and include the final instalment of my notes on ‘The Universal Christ’ by Richard Rohr.

22 March 2019

The lies we tell ourselves about what we don't have time for

This week I explore myths about time, share four articles from around the web, write further book notes on ‘The Universal Christ’, and introduce Hermann du Plessis for this week’s mini-interview.


15 March 2019

Is it really possible to stop buying new stuff?

This week I write about the challenge of change, share five thought-provoking articles, include my book notes on Richard Rohr’s latest book, and introduce Margaux de Wet in this week’s mini-interview. (Her commitment to ‘conscious consumption’ is particularly insightful and challenging!)


8 March 2019

It’s time for a better leisure life

This week I share some thoughts on rethinking leisure. There’s the usual selection of articles grabbing my attention around the web. And I share some book notes on a fabulous novel I’ve just finished. Then, this week’s mini-interview is with Katie Portman, a freelance writer and – soon – author.