The Lions: A Nervous Week Awaits

Photograph: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

A few thoughts ahead of the next week’s decider

As a big rugby fan, getting to follow the British and Irish Lions every four years is a definite pinnacle. And I’ve been following the current series against Australia very closely — especially as there are so many Leicester Tigers players in the mix.

Today was a definite disappointment though. After a nail-biting win last week in the first test, today the Lions lost by a single point. Having a chance to win the game - and take an unassailable 2-0 lead in the three match series - with the last kick of the match made it all the more unbearable.

If I’m honest, it was a fair result though. Though both Australia and the Lions have each respectively had chances to win matches with the last kick, the misses have meant that on both occasions the best team, in my opinion, has won the match.

But I’m now very nervous about the deciding Test next week. Going into the match today my feeling was that, if we are going to win the series, we had to win it today. Winning a deciding match - with Australia now having momentum - will be much harder. Sadly that is the challenge the Lions now face.

I still think the Lions can win it, but it’s going to be a really tall order. And, worryingly, the Lions really didn’t look like much of an attacking threat in the match today. We never came close to scoring a try, or even looking like we might threaten too. It felt like we set out with a mission not to lose rather than go all out for the win, and that’s always a dangerous approach. And clearly it didn’t work.

With Jamie Roberts injured, and Manu Tuilagi not picked, they really liked much go-forward through the centre of the park. Let’s hope the coach Warren Gartland rectifies that next week. We are going to have to go to a whole other level if we are going to come away with a series win.

A nervous week awaits!

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