Thoughts on Medium

Medium is a new publishing platform from the guys who originally created Blogger and Twitter. These are some initial thoughts, as well as some ideas for improvement.

I was invited to start using Medium some months back (it’s not yet fully available to the public), but it is only recently that I’m starting to use it properly. And I like it. A lot. The WYSIWYG post editor is beautiful. Crafting articles is a genuinely enjoyable process.

In truth, due to the fact that I’m not writing as much as I used to, I’m contemplating shutting down my Squarespace site completely and using Medium to do all of my writing. I’m not sure I need a dedicated website of my own any more. And the use of ‘Collections’ fits better with my lack of ability to stick to one topic!

However, I do have some things I’d like to see added to Medium as it continues to develop.

  1. I want to be able to write and edit posts on my iPhone and iPad. Writing posts is only possible via a desktop browser at the moment.
  2. Being able to post comments on each paragraph, though novel, is less useful and makes it harder to follow or have any quality conversation. I’d like the option to turn on traditional style comments on a post-by-post basis.
  3. Medium really needs a search facility. Other than the curated home page, it’s impossibly difficult to find stuff. I wanted to see if anyone else was writing about the Lions but had no way to find out.
  4. Considering Medium comes from the people who made Twitter, it seems odd that it’s not possible to follow people. I’d like to be able to follow both people and collections and have new articles collated for me on a dedicated page — my own, customised-yet-automated home page based on who and what I follow.
  5. For those people (like me) who are making Medium our home for online writing, it’d be great to have a full ‘About’ page where we can provide more information about ourselves. (Added 22 July, 2013.)

I’ve no doubt they’ll be more thoughts, ideas and wishes I have over time, but they’re the issues jumping out at me right now.

Mostly, I’m excited about the product intrigued to see how it evolves. And I hope the evolution will include addressing some of my issues!

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