Two words and a smile

It is tempting to suggest all bus drivers are the same—or at least go hunting for similarities. No doubt, with such an agenda, similarities could be found. In truth though, no driver is alike. And the unqieness of each drivers’ personality can really alter your day.

Today my driver was Mark. (He’s not actually called Mark—at least, I don’t think he is—but he looks like a Mark, so that’s what I’m calling him until I know better.) Mark is my favourite bus driver—he’s friendly, engaging and always has a smile on his face.

It might not sound like much, but this has an impact on the start of my day. With many other bus drivers, getting onto the bus involves nothing more than handing over my cash—or, more usually, showing my bus pass—and no words are exchanged at all.

But Mark brightened the start of my day on my 8am ride on the number 95. “Good morning,” he said happily, as I sleepily stepped onto the bus earlier. He looked me in the eye, smiled, glanced at my pass and then gave the same, friendly attention to the next passenger as I found a seat near the back of the bus.

It seems so trivial, but that tiny human engagement with my bus driver gave me a lift this morning—and it does every time he’s my driver. Who knew that two words and smile could be so powerful?

What if we all tried it?

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