Atheists against Dawkins

Are atheists starting to turn their back on Richard Dawkins?

Following Richard Dawkins’ recent controversial tweet about Muslims, even many fellow atheists are finally dropping their unwavering support of the world’s most prominent atheist.Here’s a selection of articles from fellow non-believers:

For interest, Dawkins has now responded to the outcries in a lengthy post on his website:

The thing that strikes me most about this whole saga, however, is nothing to do with either atheism or religion; it’s how incompetent at using Twitter Dawkins is. For someone so intelligent, he does an astounding job of coming across as dumb when he’s on Twitter.

Whether or not his explanation of the tweet is deemed acceptable and reasonable, why did he feel the need to say it at all? Like so many of us who use Twitter, he seems to struggle to know when to practice self-restraint and keep his thoughts to himself.

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