Is my 487th attempt at journalling finally going to be a success?

Why I’m feeling optimistic that I might be close to cracking this journalling malarkey

There’s no doubt about it: January 2014 has been my best ever month of keeping my DayOne journal up-to-date. I’m not yet prepared to say that updating it is now a fully established habit, but I feel like it’s close to becoming that.

A few things are helping. My purchase of the Habit List app is definitely providing extra motivation. Checking it off ‘Write in my journal’ each day as successfully accomplished is more rewarding than I’d anticipated. I never want to miss a day!

Reading a brilliant series of posts about how to journal also helped me to have a broader view of what to include when I write. In truth, I use it more as a notebook really than ‘just’ a journal. I capture any thoughts and ideas I have, and I’m also using it to record all my notes, observations, and questions I have from what I’m reading in the Bible each day. On top of that, I’m using it as a space to record any articles I write on Medium.

I have also been writing up some life events and including diary type entries, but I don’t see these as something I have to capture every day. And having that pressure off is hugely freeing. But with my broadening out of the type of entries I put into DayOne, it means I’m still putting something in every day. In fact, I’m often putting multiple entries in on every given day. And without the pressure to include diary entries I’m actually putting more diary entries in now as well.

I’m sure I still am at risk of losing this habit, so I’m determined to persevere, but I’m hopeful that finally I might be making a breakthrough.

What about you? Do you journal? What’s helped you stick at it? What do you write about?

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