Thoughts about ‘Publish’ by Day One

My take on Day One’s new publishing feature—and what I think would make it even better

I’ve been using an app called Day One on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac since November 2011. It’s a journalling app. I use it to capture thoughts, ideas, images, reflections, and more. Truth be told, though, it’s an app that, until this year, I’ve not used as much as I should.

I’ve always wanted to get into journalling and capture more of my thoughts, but I’ve never been disciplined enough. Thanks to another app called Habit List, I have, finally, cracked it though and today marks the sixtieth consecutive day I’ve posted something in my journal.

Interestingly, this week Day One have added a new feature to their app called ‘Publish’. It basically gives you the option, if you want it, of publishing any particular entry and then sharing that with whoever you want.

While it doesn’t turn Day One into a fully-fledged blogging platform, it’s not actually that far off. And it’s a feature that I think I’m going to find myself using a lot. Where as before I’ve used my Tumblr for any quick thoughts or link sharing, I actually think Publish may become the place and way I do this moving forward. That way I also have a full record of all my posts alongside my private thoughts and reflections—and all in one place.

That said, I do have two issues / feature requests that’d I like to see future updates to the app address:

1. Facebook sharing needs to be improved

Annoyingly, when sharing a Day One entry to Facebook, it posts all the text of the entry into the Facebook post and then, needlessly, includes the direct link too. I would prefer if it did one or the other. Either just past a link to the entry, or put all the text there. I don’t see the point in doing both. If I was to pick, however, I’d prefer to be able to just share the link with an opportunity to add a comment about it.

2. An optional public profile page should be added

At the moment, when you post an entry publicly, it generates a unique link that you choose who you share it with. There’s no way for people to find what you publish unless you directly give out the link. This is, mostly, a good thing. Even when people publish, they are publishing from what is a journal entry. Publishing might not mean people want the whole world to be able to access what they’ve published. As such, there is no public user profile page people can go to to read other posts you’ve written. Each post you publish is an island.

However, there are some posts that I would be perfectly happy to be fully public and to be associated with a public profile of mine. What if, as an extra option, you could choose to say whether an item you’re publishing should be also published on your profile page and made public? I think this would be a useful addition and something I know I would appreciate. Day One could then truly be a hub for all my private, semi-private, and public writing.

Despite these two quibbles, I’m excited to see how Day One continue to develop their app. It is beautifully designed, easy to use, and incredibly useful. The app has become one of my most used and one I can’t imagine being without.

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