The iPhone 6 Plus: Initial thoughts

It’s fair to say, I never expected to find myself buying the iPhone 6 Plus. I’ve openly mocked the Samsung Galaxy Note in the past for being ridiculously big. When I first saw the 6 Plus announced, I had the same thought: it’s far too big!

A couple of Saturday’s ago though, I got to go into the Apple Store in Sheffield and had an extended play with the 6 Plus. Surprisingly, I liked it. Really liked it. It got me thinking that it might be an option for me.

Having those thoughts sent me back to the numerous tech site reviews. I wanted to be one hundred percent clear about all the pros and cons if I did go for the 6 Plus.

It came down to two compromises as far as I could tell. First, one-handed use would not be nearly as straight-forward on the 6 Plus. Second, it would feel huge in my pocket — perhaps even too big. Other than that, everything else felt like it’d be a benefit stemming from the bigger screen, better camera, etc.

So I decided to go for it — and to go all in. By that I mean that I realised that if I was going to go for the 6 Plus, I wanted that to be my only iOS device. Previously I’ve carried both an iPhone and an iPad with me every day. I wanted to do away with the iPad completely.

My wife, Rachel, picked up the new iPhone for me on Monday evening and so yesterday was my first full day with the 6 Plus. I’ve been thoroughly impressed so far. The screen is truly delightful. Nine times out of ten, the larger size is a huge benefit rather than a cost. One-handed use is definitely not as comfortable, but I’m gradually finding the grip that works best for me. Also, more often than not, I’m in a position to use the device two-handed anyway. Furthermore, the device has fitted perfectly in every pair of trousers and jeans I’ve tried. I’m a little more conscious of the device in my pocket, but that’s already starting to fade.

One of the key questions for me in choosing the 6 Plus was whether reading eBooks would be enjoyable (and not just functionally possible). I find the standard iPhone just too small for reading to be an enjoyable experience. But the extra screen size on the 6 Plus makes all the difference. I’ve not found myself craving the iPad at all so far. And being able to do everything I’ve typically always done on two devices on just the one is a big plus for me.

I’ve no doubt my perceptions will continue to evolve, and there may be some frustrations that emerge as I more fully utilise the 6 Plus. But, so far, I couldn’t be happier with my choice. There’s no doubt it’s not for everyone but, as I was saying to a friend yesterday, Apple has a truly great lineup right now that offers something for everyone. There isn’t any one right way to use a device or combination of devices. Find what works for you. And, as I say, so far at least, the 6 Plus seems to be really working for me.

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