NeuBible: A delighful new iPhone app

I’ve never been a big fan of Bible apps on my iPhone. They’re typically cluttered and aren’t remotely close to being a delightful, immersive reading experience. And, seriously, how did an app with such a hideous icon ever become the most popular Bible app?!

As a result of the far-from-enjoyable reading experiences most Bible apps offer, I tend to actually read the Bible on my iPhone using iBooks. I have downloaded several translations I read within that Apple app, enjoying the simple, clutter free reading experience.

But there’s a new Bible app out this week that may finally have won me over. It’s actually by a former Apple designer, which is probably a big factor in it being simple, beautifully designed, intuitive, and delightful to use.

Using the app is a real pleasure. Accessing Bible passages is so quick and easy. And then the actual reading experience is close to perfect. Scrolling is as smooth as butter and the app is quick to get out of way and let you get on with, you know, actually enjoying reading the Bible.

It has a very limited number of translations currently — it’s biggest downfall — but more are coming, with the NIV in particular coming ‘really soon’, they say.

This app is definitely worth a look if you’re less than impressed with your current means of reading the Bible on your iPhone! And even if you’re pretty happy with the app you’re using, you’ll be blown away and soon find yourself wondering how you coped with the app you’ve been using to this point!

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