Five more years of the Tories could very quickly become ten or fifteen if the Left isn’t careful

If the political Left doesn’t want to get locked out of power for a generation, it is going to need to take the time to listen, understand, and appreciate why people are voting Tory and UKIP. Clue: that means not starting with a default assumption they are all thick, stupid, uncaring, selfish, moronic idiots.

If it spends the coming years merely increasing its vitriol against ‘Tory scum’ it will end up losing more and more political influence and end up as little more than an angry side-show.

The Left argues that it is more compassionate towards the poor and vulnerable, and perhaps ironically the path to power again may well begin with compassion: compassion towards those who vote differently from themselves.

I realise it’s still early days and that emotions are still running high, but there’s a chance that the Left could shut themselves out for much longer than the next five years if they alienate themselves even further from those who have made different voting choices in this election.

One thing is for sure: putting graffiti saying ‘Fuck Tory Scum’ on a war memorial to commemorate those who died for all our rights is not going to help win the nation over.

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