Apple Watch imperfections

Apparently I’ve walked five miles today — I haven’t

I’ve not left the (small) plot of land I live on today. It’s 3pm and I’ve only been in my house and garden.

My Apple Watch though is convinced I’ve walked over five miles.

Yes, five miles.

I know how it has reached this total, or at least I think I do. But it does serve to highlight that this is still an imperfect device.

I have been cutting my garden hedge today, you see. It’s not a particularly large hedge, but as I do it manually with a pair of garden shears, it means I’m using my arms a lot.

For whatever reason, the Watch has, presumably, interpreted all that arm movement as steps taken.

I’m glad that all that work as been recognised as exercise (my arms are seriously aching), but I hope that in time the Watch will get better at knowing when I’m just using my arms in the garen and realise that I’m not out swinging my arms on a long walk.

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