Apple Watch: making the world healthier

I wrote a short article last week for The Apple Fancast describing how the Apple Watch is making me healthier.

Marco Arment, the Apple developer and blogger, has written a piece expressing a similar sentiment. He concludes:

The goals are reasonable enough not to be discouraging, but significant enough that I need to make small, positive changes to reach them. None of them will bring me flawless fitness and health on their own, but all of them are subtle improvements in the right direction.

The benefits of this at scale could be huge: consider the net improvement of millions of Apple Watch owners making small improvements to their health.

The Watch is Tim Cook’s product. And in the perfect Tim Cook way — subtle, understated, but incredibly powerful — he’s improving the world.

It will take some time to discover whether people are fundamentally making permanent lifestyle changes as a result of the Watch, but there’s no doubt that the potential for Apple triggering a genuine shift in people’s lives towards healthier living is real.

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