Maya Angelou’s life is a reminder to never stop growing

We mustn’t ever stop honing our talents and making the most of our abilities

What I love about it is that, even though well into her eighties, she never stopped wanting to grow and hone her talents.

It’s so easy to reach a point in our lives where we become unhealthily content. We become satisfied with where we are rather than continuing to become all that we can be.

Hearing that one of the great literary writers of the twentieth century never became content with the levels she reached is a timely reminder to not settle ourselves. And it also goes along way to explaining why she was the writer she was.

When I think about my own writing too, it’s a challenge to not give up. I want to keep honing my craft, like Maya Angelou, until the day I die.

Her life touched so many through her writing because she poured her heart and soul into it. She worked hard to turn a raw talent into an astonsishing ability to move people and impact their lives. No matter who we are, we can all — writer or otherwise — draw inspiration from that.

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