Streaming music wars

Image from Apple’s website

The battle to sign up users to streaming music has truly begun

I opened my email last night and couldn’t help but notice a promotion of Google Play Music from PayPal. The offer is for two months of free access to Google’s streaming service, providing you sign up before 30th June.

Screenshot of the email in my inbox

If that date sounds familiar, it should. It’s the day Apple’s new music offering, Apple Music, launches in over 100 countries.

This is no doubt a last ditch attempt to try and get users tied into Google’s music offering before Apple’s rival offering starts to tempt users with their initial three months of free access.

The streaming music wars have, it seems, started.

The days leading up to the launch of Apple Music are critical for alternative services like Google Play Music and Spotify. Once Apple have persuaded iPhone users to sign up to their service, it will be close to impossible for their rivals to make users switch to their alternatives at a later point.

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