Apple and accessibility

Image from Blind Apple iPad Tech Camp

Apple gives unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to a disabled user at it’s World Wide Developers Conference

Steven Aquino, writing at TechCrunch:

Event after event, Tim Cook makes a point to remind the audience that Apple’s ethos is to build best-of-breed products that change people’s lives. I believe Cook to be sincere for no other reason than the work the company does in supporting accessibility. In iOS and OS X. Apple has made good on their word to changing people’s lives by continually improving the tools that, quite literally, change the way a person with disabilities (such as myself) uses an iPhone and iPad.

I’ve long been impressed by the way Apple has prioritised accessiblity throughout it’s product range. It’s great to see more light being shed on the work that both they and third-party developers are doing to ensure everyone can enjoy and utilise Apple’s products.

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