Apple’s News app to do for news and blogs what iTunes does for podcasts

Daniel Jalkut, writing about Apple’s forthing News app at

Apple may not be the world’s best technology company when it comes to either storing data or building a social network around it, but they are damned good at building a captive audience of delighted users who trust the company to provide access to a variety of 3rd party content.

Jalkut makes an interesting comparison of what Apple is going to be doing with it’s News app to what it does for podcasts.

Apple don’t host any podcasts themselves, but they do a brilliant job at making sure anyone can find a podcast through iTunes or their Podcast app.

The same, it would seem, will be the case with News. Apple won’t host any news themselves. They will simply look to become the place where people find news from sources all across the web.

The mere fact this new app will appear on all iPhone’s and iPad’s come the Autumn gives it a realistic shot a becoming the go-to app for news and blogs. And that is why most publishers — small and large — will be pretty quick to get signed up.

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