No matter which way they voted, I’m so grateful for all our MPs

Today I simply want to express gratitude for all our Members of Parliament.

They don’t do themselves any favours much of the time, but the vast majority of them are good people with good motives who genuinely want to make good decisions on behalf of the people they represent.

Deciding whether or not to include bombs in the battle against ISIS is an excruciating decision to have to make. Only in a naive, simplistic worldview is the case for or against military action a straightforward black or white decision.

There are absolute pros and absolute cons no matter which way we go. It is disrespectful to mock those who weighed up those pros and cons and made a judgment different to our own.

So, whichever side of the decision they landed – and regardless of whether or not I agree with the outcome – I am grateful for that small group of people who are prepared to put themselves into a position of service that requires them to make decisions like that.

It’s so easy to have all the ‘right’ answers standing on the sidelines; it’s a different thing to be the person who has to make actual decisions with actual consequences.

And I am thankful for their willingness to make those tortuously difficult decisions – even if I don’t always agree with them. Or don’t even know if I do or don’t agree with them!

Wishing you a peace-full 2016

Don’t let evil have the last word