‘Cranky, Beautiful Faith’

Nadia Bolz-Weber

The latest book I’m reading

I’ve been following Nadia Bolz-Weber on Twitter for a while now, heard her interviewed on several podcasts, and slowly but surely been drawn increasingly towards her work (which you can read more about via recent BBC and Guardian articles).

She is a tall, tattooed, and controversial Lutheran pastor. But none of these details come close to telling you all of who she is, or the incredible, inclusive work she is doing, particularly with the LGBT community.

Nadia is drawing people back to the church who have long felt the church was irrelevant or not welcoming to them. Whether or not we may or may not agree with every theological position she holds largely misses the point. She embodies the inclusive and welcoming spirit of Jesus, and that’s something we can all learn from.

So, belatedly, I’m going to dive into one of her books for the first time.

It’s called Cranky, Beautiful Faith, and with raving reviews from the likes of Rob Bell and Rachel Held Evans, along with everything I’ve heard and read about her so far, it definitely has my appetite thoroughly whet.

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