God doesn’t have a self-image problem

Moving on from worship that puts ourselves at the centre

Michael Gungor has written a great, provocative blog post that challenges many of the assumptions we have about Christian worship and explains why he’s stopped trying to ‘spread God’s fame’:

I don’t think God has a self-image problem. I no longer think God needs me to ‘spread his fame.’ Aside from the fact that I’m pretty sure most people that have access to iTunes have heard the name Jesus before, (It’s a pretty famous name…) I think that view somewhat ironically puts me at the center of my worship. Now God’s fate is our hands. He is the guy relying on us to make him more famous and desirable and to the ignorant sinners. We somehow become more powerful in that transaction.

What I do think could use some spreading, however, is the way of living that Jesus taught about. A life of love lived with open hands and an open heart to the divine nature found in all things. For me, worship is now about opening my eyes to reality. Opening my hands of my attachments. Opening my heart to the truth that sets me free. Opening my life to others. Sometimes that experience may go well with some music and lifted hands. Often it goes even better with silence.

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