Medium is now my home

I’ve closed my website and am now writing solely at Medium

It was last May when I first pondered whether or not to go all in with Medium. And one of the main barriers holding me back was the limitations of the mobile app.

Since then the app has improved significantly to the point that what I can do on via the mobile app is almost the same as when I’m using Medium in my desktop web browser.

So this week I made the leap. I transferred most of my writing to Medium that wasn’t already here, shut down my Squarespace site, and created a new publication called Being Human where my domain name——now points.

And this is now my writing home.

I’ve been writing periodically on Medium since before it was available publicly and have been a fan all along. I understand there are some benefits to having a completely personal space that isn’t on anyone else’s platform, but I don’t feel like I need those benefits any more.

I’m happy to bring all my writing here and enjoy the benefits of being part of this great platform and having opportunities to reach an audience I might not others get to touch.

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