Mother’s Day thoughts

The gift of unconditional love

Today I am grateful for the two mothers in my life. The first is my wonderful mum who raised me. The second is my wife, Rachel, mummy to our two beautiful girls.

I feel so blessed to have grown up in the loving environment my mum created at home. Because of mum I have always known unconditional love.

No matter what I’ve ever done, good or bad, I’ve always known I am loved. If that was the only gift my mum ever gave to me, it would be more than enough.

She has, of course, given me so much more than that, but knowing unconditional love is the gift I will always be most thankful for.

Now that I’m married and raising children of my own, I have come to appreciate the gift of motherhood all the more. I genuinely think the world would stop to function if it wasn’t for mothers.

Rachel is such a wonderful mum to Eloise and Imogen. She gives so much to make our home a safe, loving environment for them both. And, like with my own mum, she gives the gift of unconditional love.

The greatest security we can even know is unconditional love. And our girls know that deeply.

I am immeasurably thankful that my girls get to grow up with Rachel as their mummy. Even if they don’t fully appreciate all she does for them now, I know that, like me, they will look back with such incredible gratitude.

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