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The fabulous NeuBible app has been updated with iPad support

Just over a year ago a new app came out called NeuBible. It was an iPhone app that immediately became my favourite app for reading the Bible with. I wrote about it when it first came out, expressing my enthusiasm from the outset.

Now, after a year of faffing about, sitting on their backsides, Kory Westerhold and Aaron Martin have finally updated the NeuBible app so that it works on iPad’s as well as iPhone’s*.

I jest. (Love you guys!)

NeuBible is by some distance my favourite app to read the Bible with on my iPhone. It is simple to use and beautifully designed. If you want to have the most focussed, distraction-free Bible reading experience, NeuBible gives you it.

But, until now, the app has only been available for the iPhone. Thursday though brought an update that means the app now works on iPad’s too.

And it’s wonderful.

It is so perfectly optimised for the iPad (a 9.7" Pro in my case), that my first reaction was (in a good way), it’s just the same.

It’s easy, at first glance, to wonder why there wasn’t an iPad version from the outset.

Developing apps doesn’t work like that though. And though the look and feel is identical, the way it now works on the different devices is, well, just perfectly suited to each device.

You can feel the hours and hours of thought that have gone into every consideration about how each detail works.

The app brings you the Bible in a way that puts the Bible rather than the app front and centre.

There is a small and manageable selection of beautiful and customisable fonts, text layouts, and themes, but once you’ve picked what works for you—and your favourite translation—it’s just you and the Bible. The app gets out of your way leaving you to immerse yourself in reading.

Of course, when you do want to jump to another part of the Bible, it is the easiest thing in the world to do so, either via searching or by a scrolling list of Bible books that is delightful to use.

I’m very aware that there are plenty of free Bible apps out there, but none of them come close to offering as enjoyable a reading experience as NeuBible. So if you want a simple to use, beautifully designed, immersive Bible reading app, this is the only app I can recommend. It’s worth the investment.

You can buy it from the AppStore if you’re not already a user.

* For a fuller, more accurate description of the development process for the iPad update, read Kory’s excellent post.

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