Weekly newsletter: Redeeming flaunting

A newsletter from the desk of Sam Radford

Five articles I thought were worth sharing this week:

  1. Why do the British love tea so much? The BBC Future magazine explores this — clearly very important — question. (If you’re not yet aware of your class status, reading this will help clarify!)
  2. Kelly Exeter wrote a very helpful piece on taking your writing from good to great. This one insight in particular was spot on in an obvious-in-hindsight kind of way: If we wanted to be truly great writers, we had to first write many, many words. And then we had to be willing to walk away from the majority of them.
  3. I loved Jessica Meins’ article about redeeming the word ‘flaunt’. It’s such a great word and yet has so many negative connotations thanks to our oh-so-wonderful media. In Jessica’s own words: Go forth and flaunt yourself people, but let’s leave the judgemental sexism behind and reclaim the word for our bodies, our minds, our achievements and our souls.
  4. This one is a depressing and, tempting as it is to bury our heads in the sand, it’s important not to. Mic exposes the secret symbol neo-nazis are using to target Jews online: To the public, the symbol is not easily searchable on most sites and social networks; search engines strip punctuation from results. This means that trolls committed to uncovering, labeling and harassing Jewish users can do so in relative obscurity: No one can search those threats to find who’s sending them.
  5. Alice Judge-Talbot does a great job explaining what being a single mum feels like, making the point that they’re far from all benefit scroungers: Single parents don’t make bad decisions and then suddenly wake up one day to find themselves solely responsible for their little people. That’s ridiculous. Single parents are victims of circumstance, of events that could have gone one way or another; and because these circumstances happen to them, as passive participants, they find themselves solo parenting.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading!



This newsletter is a bit of experiment. I’m going to try it out for a few weeks, possibly with different formats, and see if it’s worth continuing with. Any feedback is very welcome!

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