Daily blogging?

Weighing up whether to blog every single day

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I read an interesting blog post this week by Jonas Ellison about lessons he’d learnt blogging every day for a year.

It got me thinking about whether daily blogging is a challenge I want to take on too.

I’m already in the middle of trying to increase how much I write with setting aside twenty minutes most days for my writing. The thought of having something I publish every single day is seriously daunting though.

I can imagine the potential creative benefits, but I also worry that I’d churn out a whole load of crappy posts merely to tick the box each day.

On the flip side, if the process of daily writing also generates an increase in the number of interesting blog posts I can come up with, maybe that is a price worth paying.

On this, this by Jonas makes a lot of sense:

Blogging every day forces you to notice the details of your life. You need fodder for the day’s post. And you’ll scour your world to get it. You become hyper-aware. You find ways to turn little subtleties into big ideas. You start writing with questions only to be faced with answers by the time you reach the end of the post. Your headspace literally becomes transformed.

Having spent my life going to church and listening to preachers, I’ve long been amazed at how many stories from their everyday lives they seem to have to tell. Reading this made me realise that it’s just the same: if you have to produce content, it means you have to start noticing more that’s going on around you.

And this seems like a genuinely good reason to write on a daily basis in and of itself. Being more aware about who I am and what’s going on around me feels like a healthy practice, regardless of anything else.

Further, I am very keen to keep developing my writing. And to learn to write in different styles and produce different kinds of posts. A challenge like this might provide a framework to experiment.

I’m going to give it some serious thought. I’ll keep you posted!

Or maybe just keep on writing every day. We’ll see.

Whatever the outcome, thanks for the prod Jonas and thanks for sending me the link Andrea Wakim.

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