Let it rain!

When nature reminds you who’s in charge

Image: Eutah Mizushima

After days of my weather apps predicting rain, Friday afternoon finally delivered on their promises. And some. It’s a long time since I last saw rain that heavy. It was a rivers-flowing-down-the-roads kind of rainstorm.

And I loved it!

It reminded me of when I first visited Ghana as a teenager with my dad. Every day, at pretty much the same time, there was a thirty minute torrential downpour of rain, immediately followed by a return to glorious sunshine.

This was the time I deliberately chose to go for a walk each day. If I timed it right, an hours walk would give me time to get thoroughly drenched and yet return to the hotel completely dry and fabulously refreshed.

It was wonderful.

There’s something delightful (if you’re in the right mood!) about being outside and getting drenched in ways that a power-shower can only ever dream of matching.

I remember a couple of summers back, we were in Switzerland and Rachel and I had gone out for dinner at a restaurant in the mountain village where we were staying. Towards the end of our meal it started to rain. Proper rain!

We finished off our dessert and, instead of rushing back to our apartment via the shortest route possible, we chose to take an extended walk in the rain, back around the lake. It was magical.

There is something wonderful about being so immersed – literally – in (by?!) nature. It reminds me there’s so much in my life and in this world that is completely outside of my control.

We’ve reached a point in our evolution as humans where we try to micro-manage and control every aspect of our lives. Sometimes it takes being at the mercy of the elements to remind us that there is lots of life that is totally beyond our ability to master – and that’s perfectly okay.

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