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Happy Saturday! Welcome to the weekend.

I don’t have my usual five articles for the weekend in the newsletter this week. I’ve been consumed with my own writing and with everything that’s been going on related to the EU referendum here in the UK. So it’ll just be the links to the posts here at Being Human this last week.

And, speaking of the EU referendum, I wrote about hoping for hope in my response to feeling pretty devastated by the ’Brexit’ result. It’s so easy to blame voters who don’t see the world the way we do, or to see them as stupid or ignorant. This is me processing the result, trying to find hope, and resisting blaming the electorate.

I also wrote a series of Father’s Day related posts. It started out with writing about being a dad, feeling like I’m still winging it as a parent, and what fatherhood has taught me about myself.

I then wrote a piece about my own father and the gift of unconditional love he gave to me growing up. But I then followed that piece up with a question about whether if only getting unconditional love as a child is a good thing, or if we need both conditional and unconditional love to become healthy, rounded individuals.

I also wrote about cynicism this week. It was a bit of a rant in truth. It just feels like cynicism is always the easy option, but it demands nothing of us. This is me urging us to be people who let go of cynicism and get our hands dirty in looking to make an actual difference in the world.

Finally, I wrote some thoughts about reciprocity. I am convinced we miss out on life in all its fullness when we don’t take opportunities to be people who give back to others. I try to expose the myth that we don’t have enough to give, because we do. We all do.

That’s it for this week — thanks for reading.


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