You are a creative person

Yes! You!!

Image: Laura Lefurgey-Smith

When we think of creativity, it’s easy to think of other people. I’d be a rich man if I collected £1 every time I heard someone say they’re not creative. The truth is that creativity is something we all have within us – even if we’re not fully maximising this yet.

We need to distinguish between creativity and art. Typically, when we think of creativity, our minds jump to artists, musicians, designers, and actors. And clearly these are all creative people. But creativity is not limited to artists.

Though only some people may ever become artists, we are all creative. It might help you to say that out loud a few times. Go on:

I am a creative person.

And once more for good measure:

I am a creative person.

Don’t talk yourself out of something that is within you. It might have been dormant for many years, but it’s there, I promise you.

Imagine the difference to your everyday life if you lived like you truly believed you are a creative person. How would it affect your contributions to meetings at work? Or the solutions you may find to problems? Or the ideas you may start to contribute to the non-profit you serve with?

Just believing you are creative will make a difference to your every day life. Not because of magic or positive thinking. But because you will simply be giving an outlet to what is already within you.

What creativity looks like for you may look very different to what it looks life for me, but you are creative. Now start acting like it!

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