Dancing time

We all need some dancing in our lives

Wishing I was this cool. (Image: Andre Hunter)

I’m not a dancer. It doesn’t come naturally to me and, if it’s a wedding or somewhere else public, I find it horribly uncomfortable.

That said, there can be something wonderfully joyful and carefree about dancing. I get why many people love dancing. And, as a father to young girls, I’ve had to overcome some of my apprehensions.

Last night, after tea, Eloise asked me to put on some music to dance to. Moments later we had Taylor Swift and Katy Perry blaring out and all four of us were on our feet jumping and dancing and laughing like crazy people.

It was wonderful! (Just don’t tell anyone I admitted to enjoying dancing though, okay?)

The thing about dancing like that is that it’s nearly impossible to not have a smile on your face. Nor to be anywhere else but fully in that moment.

So whether you are on your own, with family or friends, or out at a party, why not give yourself some carefree dancing time this weekend?

Put something fun and energetic on and let yourself go. Forget about everything else, embrace the moment. And if it’s only five minutes of your weekend you’ll be so glad you did.

Seriously. What are you still doing here reading this?! Go do some dancing already!

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