31 days

Reflections after a month of daily writing

It’s hard to believe that today is my thirty first consecutive day of publishing a post here at Being Human. On day one, I wasn’t even sure if I was definitely committing to daily blogging. I just kind of left things open. Watch this space, I said. And yet, here we are. A whole month has gone by quick as a flash and, without too much pain and anguish, I’ve been doing okay at this writing on a daily basis.

I don’t yet feel close to having a ‘25 lessons I learnt from daily blogging’ post ready to roll, Buzzfeed-style. But I do feel like I’m growing and the challenge of having to create on a daily basis already seems like a significant and worthwhile investment.

Perhaps most importantly, I am enjoying this. Even on the days when inspiration seems to desert me, I still feel an eagerness to find a way and to create something.

I know too that the mere process of daily creative writing has brought out of me thoughts and insights that would otherwise have been left merely lurking in the recesses of my mind.

I’ve found myself noticing more that’s going on around me: the conversations I have, the books and articles I read, the podcasts I listen too – they have all become breeding grounds for ideas and inspiration.

I can confirm, however, that becoming a daily blogger hasn’t turned me into an overnight superstar with gazillions of readers. At the same time, I continue to be pleasantly surprised that a decent number of people seem to enjoy and find some benefit from what I share. (I did have to stop checking my stats on a too frequent basis, though.)

This first month of writing every day has also confirmed that I want to carry on with this. I don’t know for how long; I just know that this is a source of personal growth and development – as well as an outlet for my thoughts – that I am keen to keep investing in.

For those of you who have read, recommended, highlighted, shared, and responded to anything I’ve written, I am deeply grateful. Time is precious, and I am honoured that you would spend any of that limited time you have reading my words. So, yes: thank you.

And here’s to the next month. Let’s see where we are a month from now, and if I’m any closer to my ‘25 lessons…’ Buzzfeed-style post that will turn me into a writing celebrity! 😉

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