A public thank you to my friend Matthew Johnson

I wanted to go public today with expressing my gratitude for a good friend of mine. Matthew Johnson is a truly great guy I had the privilege of getting to know through the International Mentoring Network (IMN) a few years ago.

He is a United Methodist pastor from Arkansas, North America, who, if I’m honest, is not someone I’d necessarily have expected to form a strong connection with.

But I have. And I am happy to count him as a friend, even though most of our interaction can only occur from afar via Twitter and the occasional FaceTime call.

What I have come to appreciate most about Matthew (and be challenged by) is his openness and honesty. He’ll hate me saying this and will, in his usual self-depreciating way, worry that this might create a hint of pride within him, but he is a great example of a pastor seeking to live authentically before the congregation of people he leads.

He doesn’t pretend to have everything in his life under control and doesn’t hide away from publicly admitting his faults and weaknesses.

I know you may not realise it Matthew, but you have been a real source on inspiration to me and you are a great example to your congregation and beyond. Thank you.

You can follow Matthew on Twitter, and keep up with his blog posts here.

Originally posted on Tumblr on May 18th, 2011.

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