Listening to my body

How I know I’m stressed

If you were to ask me, based solely on my thoughts and feelings, whether I’m stressed at the moment, my answer would be No. I feel okay. Not on top of the world, but yeah: okay. Plenty of things are on my mind as you’d expect, but I’m doing fine. Or so I think.

My neck and my shoulders, however, tell I different story. Not so long ago, I would have interpreted the pain and tension in my neck and shoulders as purely physical. Maybe I haven’t been looking after my posture well enough, or perhaps it’s how I sit at my desk at work.

But no, I’ve reached a point where I’m more aware when physical pain is a not symptom of physical origin. Though my mind is telling me everything is okay, my body is telling me it’s not.

I don’t need to mention the challenge this year has been so far again — if you’re a regular reader, you’ll be very aware. Though I think I’ve been coping well, I can tell that things are catching up with me. I’ve had to focus on looking after those around me at my own expense this year and, though I wouldn’t change that, I know too I’m at a point where, for my own health, I need to give myself plenty of time and space to rest and recover.

Even if my mind has taken a while to catch up, I’m grateful for my body letting me know that all is not well. I’m hoping this two week break that starts today will be part of just what I need.

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