Fear and beauty

Finding the beauty on the other side of fear

I bought my two girls The Good Dinosaur to watch while we’re on holiday and, after an early start, we ended up watching it yesterday morning.

In short, the film is about a young and timid dinosaur overcoming his fears, finding himself, and making his mark on the world.

There are many great lines in the film, but this from the young dinosaur’s father was particularly powerful:

“Sometimes you’ve got to get through your fear to see the beauty on the other side.”

I missed it when we saw the film at the cinema but there was no missing it this time. I grabbed my iPhone instantly to jot the quote down.

I love that he didn’t talk to his son about overcoming fear. Because, more often than not, that’s not what happens. We don’t overcome fear, we learn to walk through it. We choose to carry on regardless and do it afraid.

We’ll never make it through life if we think we need to get rid of our fears first. We have to learn to persevere with our fears still raging. And when we do, oh the beauty we’ll find on the other side.

Eloise, my eldest daughter, is the more timid of my two girls. Imogen, as often is the case with the youngest, is more of a dare-devil. Last summer we were in France and there was a big, fast water slide that Imogen went straight down without giving it a single thought.

Eloise, however, took two days to warm up to the idea and a lot of coaxing! When, eventually, she did decide to go for it, heart racing with fear, the joy on her face was truly beautiful. It wasn’t just the joy of the experience; it was the joy from knowing she was doing it afraid.

The question for me and you is this: what are the water slides in our lives at the moment we need to choose to go down, even while our fear is still raging?

Beauty is waiting for us.

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