Simple pleasures

My youngest, Imogen, braving the freezing water.

Finding joy in the things around us

I’m enjoying my time in the Lake District celebrating my mum’s 70th birthday with all my family. Yesterday, after having a barbecue together, several of us went down to the nearby river where lots of the kids — and some of the adults too — all played in the water, climbed rocks, tried to build a dam, and enjoyed splashing each other.

It was such simple, natural fun. There were no toys or iPads. There were no instructors or planned activities — it was just spontaneous fun.

I have nothing against toys or iPads and, as a parent, I’m grateful for all of these. But today was a good reminder that there is simple joy to be found in what lies around us. Nature is perhaps life’s greatest toy. It demands nothing of us, but waits patiently for us to delight in its beauty and wonder.

And it is a gift that never stops giving. It never runs out of batteries. It is timeless in its relevance to all generations.

I’m learning afresh this week to not miss out on this.

The power of words

Slowing down is really hard