Destined for trials

Image: Dikaseva

Trials in life are normal, we just need to learn how to respond to them well

I came across the phrase ‘destined for trials’ when reading this week and it had a undeniable ring of truth to it. Who of us will escape facing trials in life?

The trials we each face are rarely the same, they seldom seem fair, and they don’t care whether we are rich or poor, strong or week. They simply come to us all.

The sooner we accept that trials are part of our destiny, the lesser their ability to derail us.

Trials are normal. Whether they be bills coming at the worst possible time, the tragic loss of a loved one, being made redundant, or struggling with health issues, they are, sadly, just part of life.

It doesn’t mean the world is out to get us. It doesn’t mean that some devil is trying to destroy us. Trials are simply evidence that we are still alive. And trials, if we will let them, are often the greatest opportunities for growth in life.

Of course they can knock us down. They can be hugely painful. But if we start to believe the universe is conspiring against us or some evil being is trying to get us, then we will stop making sure we get back up, dust ourselves down, and carry on.

If we have an unhealthy belief system about the reality of trials, we will turn into passive recipients of whatever comes our way. We will lie down when the tough times come rather than rising up, fighting, and choosing to become a better person through what we’re facing. And, if we’re not careful, we can end up wallowing with a poor-old-me mentality that cripples us.

So the next time a trial comes our way, let’s be those who make sure that, no matter how hard it knocks us down, we are quick to rise back up. We mustn’t deny the trials, but neither must we own them; instead we accept the trial for what it is but refuse to let it have the final word.

I wish I could say that trials won’t be part of our destinies, but they will be. And life becomes far more manageable — and we become more resilient — as soon as we accept that truth and decide to always look for the chance to grow whenever a trial comes knocking at our door.

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