End of the holiday

I’m going to miss this view in the mornings.

Refreshed, even if not rested

Today is the last day of my two week holiday. We’ve had a week in Buxton in the Peak District followed by a week in the Lake District. It’s been a great time. The first week was just the four of us, and then this second week has been with my extended family as we’re celebrating my mum’s 70th birthday. Each week has been different but equally enjoyable.

Anyone who has young kids will know, however, that no matter how great the holiday, they are rarely restful affairs. So yes, fabulous as the holiday has been, it’s still been filled with early starts, tears and tantrums, and all that goes with young siblings each determined to have their own way in life.

Though this holiday hasn’t been as restful as if it’d just been me and Rachel, it has definitely been refreshing. The change of location, scenery, and the break from work has been exactly what I needed.

Would I have liked more sleep and some lie-ins? Of course! But I’m still grateful for this breaking out of routine and stepping away from all that goes with normal day-to-day life. I feel refreshed in all the ways that matter and for that I’m very thankful.

Drawing inspiration from the Olympics

Everything is good