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Image: Florian Klauer

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This is one of those, ‘What on earth should I write about today?’ days. Normally, as soon as I sit down to write, something quickly rises to the surface and I’m good to go.

Not today. It’s a good reminder that inspiration isn’t on tap.

When I’m struggling to write I don’t think of it as writers block; I go back to looking at what I have been reading, learning, and observing. And if my inspiration is down, it’s normally because I’ve not been doing enough of these.

So instead of feeling bad or guilty, I see days like today as a reminder to keep filling my heart and mind up. We can only give out from what we receive.

There is such pressure to be original and we like to think everything we create is original. And though it is original in that it is our way of saying something, in truth everything we create is riffing on something else to one degree or another.

And that’s why we need to make sure we never stop filling our lives with great content to riff off.

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