Are you constipated?

Human beings need to give as well as take

A Facebook friend shared the following quote from Richard Rohr recently. I don’t know whether it’s from a book or a speech but, either way, it’s powerful:

The problem with constantly wanting to be filled up without self-emptying has a name: It’s called ‘constipation.’

– Richard Rohr

If ever there was a sentence to capture a generation, this is it.

We endlessly want to fill our lives with more and more. We are never satisfied. We’ve been trained by our culture to be never satisfied.

And we have believed the lie that if we get just a little bit more, we’ll finally be satisfied. We have been sucked into a system whereby satisfaction is always around the next corner.

Rohr in this one sentence has captured the problem perfectly.

We are ever filling ourselves up and seldom pouring ourselves out.

We are constipated.

And the more we keep filling ourselves up, the greater the problem becomes.

Life is designed to have a flow to it. We breathe in, we breathe out. We fill up, and then we pour out. We receive, and then we give.

By focussing solely on our own needs, we cut ourselves off from this natural, healthy rhythm to life.

Whenever we feel a deep sense of dissatisfaction with life, it’s easy to put the focus on ourselves. But maybe, just maybe, when we feel that dissatisfaction we need to move our focus away from ourselves and ask ourselves if we’ve been doing too much filling up and not enough pouring out.

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