Life’s simple pleasures are often the greatest pleasures

Learning to savour life

One of the things I like the most about writing here at Medium is the interactions I have with other writers. One such person I’ve enjoyed getting to know a little is Anastasiya Mozgovaya whose honest and vulnerable writing has been a delight to discover.

Just yesterday, Anastasiya wrote about her day: getting to read in bed, going for a walk, enjoying a delicious meal, and spending time with someone dear to her. And she kicked off her post with this poignant observation:

A perfect day does not have to be extraordinary.

And that is what prompted this post. Her words were a timely reminder that life’s simple pleasures are often the greatest.

It is tempting to spend our lives pursuing the extraordinary, all the while missing out on the wonder that lies within life’s more simple pleasures.

To do this though, we have to learn to savour life; to actively look for the joy waiting to be found in what we otherwise might consider mundane.

When we discover how to do this, it’s like we get an instant life upgrade. Without spending any more money, without having to visit an exotic holiday destination, without having to buy some new gadget, we get to have a richer life simply through a change of perspective.

So my goal today is to slow down enough to savour the simple things in my day today; to look for the wonder waiting to be found in the ordinary elements that make up my day.

And then I need to learn to do this every day.

Image: Zugr

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