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I’ve now been writing daily for over one hundred days

I realised yesterday that I’ve been doing this daily writing thing for over one hundred days now. How crazy is that? The time has actually flown by. Surprisingly there have been few days when coming up with something to write about has been a struggle.

Not that every post has been a work of art. Far from it. But along the way I’ve produced some pieces I’m genuinely proud of. Would I have stumbled into those if I wasn’t writing every day? Probably not.

Most importantly though I’ve found this daily writing challenge hugely enjoyable. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve wished I didn’t have to write something. It’s been good for my soul to sit down each day, collect my thoughts, and write about something that I’m thinking about, feeling, or being inspired by.

I still have a long way to go with my writing. Plenty to learn too. But daily writing feels like a great habit to be cultivating if I want to become a better writer.

My main problem is that I now find it pretty easy to write a half-decent post on a daily basis. But that doesn’t stretch me. I want to experiment more with writing in different ways and styles. That takes more time. But that’s what I want to focus on next.

Let me finish this post by saying thank you to those of you who regularly stop by to read what I write. That anyone would take time to read my words never ceases to be humbling. I’m truly grateful for all of you and appreciate particularly those of you who have recommended my posts, commented on them, and shared them too. It means a lot.

Here’s to the next one hundred days!

Image: Mindjournal

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