Don’t read from just one news source

It’s never been so important to seek out multiple perspectives and to intentionally hunt down truth

You would have thought today that most people would get their news from multiple outlets.

Before the days of the internet, it was understandable—if still inadvisable—to subscribe to a single newspaper and for that to be your only news source. But nowadays, how can you not choose to read from the full array of news outlets?

And yet people still do. Some because the effort of reading more is too great. Others because they refuse to read from particular newspapers on principle, usually because they don’t like the owner. (This sounds noble, but is actually pretty dumb.)

It’s not about whether every newspaper is honest, fair, true, and impartial. None are in absolute terms. For different reasons. It can be argued that some are better than others, but every perspective comes from a perspective. And every perspective has some blindspots.

That’s why I choose to read from multiple sources. I have a few favourites, naturally. But I intentionally choose to read how other papers are reporting different issues. And even if I think some reporting in some papers is outrageous or irresponsible, I still want to be fully aware of it.

We don’t do ourselves any favours by limiting the number of news outlets we read from.

The beauty of apps like Apple News and Flipboard is that they make it easy to follow multiple sources. With Apple News, nearly all the major UK newspapers—tabloid and broadsheet—have dedicated ‘Channels’ there. For free. My advice: make the most of it; follow them all.

We are living at a point in history where ‘truth’ is up for grabs. We are being sold lies left, right, and centre. It’s tempting to hunker down and cling to our favourite sources, while cozying up with our tribe of people who see the world just like we do.

But we mustn’t. We have to stay open-minded. We have to endlessly seek to understand—if not agree with—the perspectives of others. It’s hard work, but it feels like we’re living at a point in history where it is so important we make extra effort to build bridges between one another.

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