The writers that move me most are those who are prepared to bare their souls

Writing to bring light

The writing I enjoy the most is that which is honest, real, and open.

I’m talking about the kind of posts here on Medium that I gravitate towards. There are plenty of people writing posts here designed to help people thrive in life. Much of my writing is in this category.

But I’m drawn more to those who are prepared to bare their souls.

It’s noticible too that the posts of mine that get the most attention are always the more personal ones.

There is something powerful when people are open, honest, and vulnerable. It’s a gift. When we read their stories they gives us hope. Or light. Or permission. Or, perhaps most importantly, they help us realise we’re not alone.

Stories are powerful. The move us in ways that no self-help article ever can.

And yet, strangely, we seem to get sucked into these endless listicles because we are drawn to the pragmatic like a moth to a flame. We like the idea of being able to improve our lives in a few easy steps.

There’s a place for this (I think). But I hope we never lose sight of the truth that stories will always be more powerful than a set of steps to copy.

Some people find it very natural to be open with their lives, but I’m not one of those people. I find it hard. But I’m determined to keep trying. I know that the things I can bring myself to be open about will always bring light to someone else.

And that’s what I want my writing to do.

I know that that’s no small task.

Photo: Cesar Quintero

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