The wonder of being in a large crowd

Taking the family to the rugby!

Today I’m taking the family to watch Leicester Tigers. They’re England’s biggest rugby club and, as a life-long fan, I relish the opportunity of introducing my girls to the game, even though we’re now based in Sheffield. I took Eloise a couple of years ago, but this will be Imogen’s first time. She’s very excited and has her Tigers t-shirts on (pink, obviously).

I know they’re not that interested in the rugby itself (yet), but there is something amazing about being in a crowd of thousands and thousands that is a magical experience. It’s that as much as anything I want them to experience.

Sport has a way of reconnecting us with our tribal roots. It does feel somewhat primitive on many levels. But it’s an incredible feeling too. Being part of that large of a shared experience is undeniably powerful.

Here’s just hoping it all doesn’t get ruined by us losing!

When time constrains creativity

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