When time constrains creativity

Not beating myself up when I don’t have time to write as well as I’d like

Today I’m struggling with what to write.

I wouldn’t call it writers block. It’s more an outworking of the reality that there is little opportunity for me to write today.

So I’m grabbing the few moments I do have right now as this will be the only chance I have.

But it’s a tiny window of opportunity. I should already be getting in the shower and ready to head out with the family.

And this constrains my sense of possibility.

I feel like I have to rush and then, even though I have ideas, I’m realising I’ll have to save them for another time as I can’t be sure I’ll have the time to explore them properly right now.

On the one hand, I feel bad that I can’t give everything to a post like I want to be able to. But then I’m reminded of the reality that writing every single day is no small thing.

And life if such that we can’t control everything. Some days I just won’t get the time I’d like, in an ideal world, to have.

But that’s okay I think.

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