The power of our minds


What we do with our minds really can change our lives

Our minds are incredible.

What we do with our minds has the power to shape our entire lives.

We talk about ‘mind over matter’ for good reason.

Why? Because there is truth to this.

What we do with our minds can change things.

Take my wife: she recently used the Lightning Process to help her body recover from post-viral chronic fatigue. Though the recovery has been a process, the impact was immediate. Through retraining her thought processes she has been able to get her life back and return to work.

Again: our minds are incredible.

It’s not always positive though.

Take my sports team, Leicester Tigers. For arguably justifiable reasons, they are opposed to the advent of artifical pitches in rugby. But here’s the thing: for better or worse, they are now a reality. Three of the twelve teams in the league now have them. But every time Tigers are playing any of them on their artifical pitches, you’ll always hear the players and coaches complaining. We get more injuries, they say. It gives them a slight advantage, they say. All these things may be true, but by magnifying the issue in their own minds, it is they themselves who through poor psychology are conceding an advantage to their opponents. And giving themselves an excuse if they lose. Unsurprisingly, the Tiger’s record on artificial pitches is poor and, I’d suggest, largely their own fault.

These are just two examples. Thinking about them today reminded me that we should remain aware of the power of our minds. We have the power to change our circumstamces based upon how we think about them. It’s tempting to always own our thoughts—postive or negative. But not every thought should be owned. Some need to be rejected, some need to be reprogrammed. And, amazingly, we can do this.

Like I say: our minds are incredible.

I want to make sure I use my mind well.

Photo: Tachina LeeHampton

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