Taking time out each day to stop and breathe slowly


How I try to keep anxiety at bay and live peacefully


Breathe in a long, deep breath.

Hold it for a second.

And now, slowly, breathe out.

Do that again four or five times.

As you do it, try not to let your attention focus on anything other than your own breath.

How do you feel?

Calmer? More peaceful?

I try and do this exercise several times a day. My Apple Watch even reminds me throughout the day to do this.

It’s so easy to get caught up in what we’re doing, even consumed by what we’re doing. Taking a mere minute to do a breathing exercise can prevent anxiety building up. Or help you slow down enough to see what’s truly important.

Sometimes, instead of focussing on my breath, I’ll give my attention to something specific. Like love. Or joy. Or peace.

As I breathe in, I picture myself inhaling love. And then, as I breathe out, I picture myself exhaling love to all those around me.

It is so simple and yet, for me at least, it can make a real difference.

If you’ve never tried anything like this, you should give it a go.

Photo: Arkady Lifshits

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