Seven questions with Katie Portman

Seven questions with Katie Portman

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Katie Portman is a freelance writer, copywriter and award winning blogger. Originally from Lancashire, she now lives in Yorkshire with her husband and two small children.

She describes herself as an ordinary woman doing her best to create an extraordinary life. Her lifestyle and parenting blog Pouting In Heels has scooped two awards and was created to inspire women to be kinder to themselves and to become their best selves. 

In other exciting news, Katie’s first book ‘A Little Pick Me Up’ is out soon and is available for pre-order.

In her own words, ‘all of these things aren't supposed to happen to a Northern woman from Rochdale like me, so I thank my lucky stars every single day...’.

1. What’s a book you’ve read – recently or otherwise – that has significantly affected how you see the world?

‘Linchpin’ by Seth Godin changed not just how I see the world, but more importantly, how I saw myself! I read this book around nine years ago over two evenings and it inspired me so much, that immediately after finishing the book I handed in my notice at work to begin a new career as a freelancer.

That decision remains one of the best I have ever made and it was all because of that incredible book, which I now happily recommend to anyone.

On another note, 'The Secret' is another book which totally helped to transform my thinking as to the power that lies within us but also surrounds us.

2. What’s the biggest challenge or obstacle you’ve had to overcome in getting to where you are today?

Oh goodness, there are so many! 

But I guess ultimately, the biggest challenge to overcome has been battling the presence of fear. Taking a leap of faith to work as a freelancer brought up so much fear and over the past nine years working for myself, fear has been a constant presence that I've had to learn to deal with. It's always present. Even now! My first book is out in a matter of weeks and so naturally my fear levels are at an all time high! But that's OK.

I am fine with fear these days. In fact, you could even say it's become an ally of mine of sorts. I always think when fear is present, it's a big green light to do something – press that publish button on a blog post, or take on work I've never tackled before, etc. So although unpleasant, I now see it's presence as a good sign that I'm pushing out of my comfort zone and trying something new.

3. What aspect of your job is the most interesting?

I'm one of those rare and very fortunate people I guess, because honestly, I'd say most of my job is interesting! As a freelancer and blogger, my work is always so varied which I absolutely love.

So for instance, today I'm sat answering these questions in a holiday home that I'm here to review with my family for work. On Saturday, I have a breakfast meeting with a copywriting client. Next week I'm off to see a new fashion collection... No two weeks are the same or require the same skills, which makes me incredibly happy indeed.

4. What's a goal or dream you have that you haven't pursued yet?

I'd love to start a podcast with the aim of bringing most of the women's issues I discuss on the blog or on social media, to a different medium. It's been on my to do list for a while so I'm hoping to get that started soon.

I've also become very interested in spirituality recently so I'd really like to explore much more of that over the next few years.

5. What cause or issue are you personally passionate about at the moment?

I've always been and always will be incredibly passionate about the issues that women face such as domestic violence and inequality. I will forever use my voice and skills in whatever way I can to support women in areas such as these.

6. What do you do when you’re in need of joy, peace, calm, or focus?

Depending on what is needed I either take a long soak in a hot bubble bath or get outside and surround myself with nature. Both of these things work absolute wonders for me.

7. What's something that costs £20 ($25) or less that you think everyone should get?

A bunch of flowers or a book! I think they're two of the best gifts you can give yourself or another human being. They both certainly always cheer me up.

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