Seven questions with Octavio Cesar Martinez

Seven questions with Octavio Cesar Martinez

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Octavio Cesar Martinez lives in Whittier, California and is an author and speaker. Formerly, he was an Account Executive, Chaplain and Pastor. His books include ‘Habits: Six Steps to the Art of Influence’ and ‘It Was A Beautiful Day When My Father Died’.

What’s a book you’ve read – recently or otherwise – that has significantly affected how you see the world?

FACTFULNESS: 10 Reason Why We’re Wrong About the World – and Why Things Are Better Than You Think.

This book confirmed what I suspected, things are not as bad as we think, and on a global scale, actually better than we think. Written by Hans Rosling – of TED talk fame – who clearly lays out how our instincts to believe the worse contributes to our incorrect conclusions. 

What’s the biggest challenge or obstacle you’ve had to overcome in getting to where you are today?

Ha… myself. I think this may true of most people. WE are our worse critics, and often plagued by self doubt, fear. Pushing through that has been the biggest obstacle and challenge.

Second, believing the work that matters to you, will matter to someone else. As a speaker, teacher and author, this is the next obstacle and challenge. 

What aspect of your job is the most interesting?

Learning how people think, grow and thrive.

What's a goal or dream you have that you haven't pursued yet?

I wish to complete a Masters in art history, and become a better representational artist.

What cause or issue are you personally passionate about at the moment?

I am committed to the growth and freedom and every person.

I am committed to helping people find the best versions of themselves.

What do you do when you’re in need of joy, peace, calm, or focus?

Work… so I will…
create a presentation,
or clean my home… kids use to say they knew when dad was in a mood because he would be cleaning the house. 😉

What's something that costs £20 ($25) or less that you think everyone should get?

The Bullet Journal Book.

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